The MySensors Gateway

02 August 2015

In my last two blog posts about my home made sensor and relay switch I talked about using MySensors for the sensors and Domoticz to control / read these. The missing link between the sensor and Domoticz is the MySensors gateway. In this post I will show how I build and configured this gateway.

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Building an Arduino based relay switch (Updated)

19 June 2015

Recently I came across the MySensors project and used that to build a temperature, light and humidity sensor based on an Arduino Pro Mini micro processor. I want to automate the control of some outdoor lights I have around my home. Currently I have to switch these on and off manually. I could add a timer switch to them but the time it gets dark changes everyday and is also influenced by weather conditions. Hence the light sensor to measure light intensity.

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Building an Arduino based temperature, humidity and light sensors (Update)

17 June 2015

Recently I came across the MySensors project. This open source project for the Arduino aims to make building sensors and actuators for the internet-of-things easier. It integrates with a variety of home automation systems of which Domoticz is one of them. This project caught my interest as with this I could add sensors and actuators to my domotica system at a fraction of the cost of commercially available sensors. The sensors communicate wirelessly to a gateway and form a mesh network much like z-wave operates. This saves me from having to put wires everywhere and the mesh network will increase range and reliability.

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Brewing my first batch of beer

03 February 2015

Today I brewed my first batch of beer. As I like to make stuff myself and I enjoy a good beer I thought it would be fun to brew my own beer. I started easy with extract brewing instead of brewing from scratch with malt. It's easier brewing and it requires less of an investment. After a few batches of extract brewing I can always move up to malt brewing.

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What I've been up to lately

26 March 2014

Lately I've been busy getting a new company up and running and now is the time to announce it to the world. I've started a webshop in urban farming supplies. Urban Farming is growing food where it is consumed, right in urban areas. So no long distance travel to transport food across the country or halfway around the world to get it from the place where it is produced to where it is consumed. On a small scale everyone can grown their own food (or part of it) in their own garden, patio, veranda or roof. With Urban Farm I want to service mainly private persons who are already growing their own food or are just starting out.

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Dromotica passed the 200 installations mark

06 January 2014

The current downloads mark for Dromotica passed the 200 downloads today. It currently sits at 213 current installations. The total installations are 236. That means only 23 people who installed the app removed it from their devices. I'm really pleased with these numbers.

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Dromotica update: Local and Remote access

31 December 2013

The Dromotica app is updated and now supports local and remote access. The update will become available through the Play Store in a few hours.

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Dromotica update: Scene widgets

28 December 2013

A new Dromotica update is available in the Play Store. Version 1.03 adds widgets for scenes.

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Dromotica installed 100 times

18 December 2013

Today the current install count of Dromotica reached 100. Awesome to see that there's some good interest in this app that's also still a beta version. It took 10 days to reach the 100 installations.

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Domoticz for Android widgets update

03 November 2013

I updated the Domoticz for Android app today with improved widgets.

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