Dromotica update: Local and Remote access

31 December 2013

The Dromotica app is updated and now supports local and remote access. The update will become available through the Play Store in a few hours.

A much requested feature was the ability to use Dromotica both at home and on the road. Dromotica only supported one server address and the remote IP's mostly cannot be accessed when you're connected to your local wifi network.

With this update Dromotica now supports two configurations. One for local access when you're connected to your local network and one remote for when you're not. The local connection works based on the SSID (or network name) of your Wifi network. When Dromotica detects that you're connected to a Wifi network with the same SSID as set in the local settings it will use those settings to connect to Domoticz. When you're connected to a Wifi network with a different SSID or using 3G Dromotica will use the remote settings.

Your current configuration is saved as the remote configuration after the update. To change the configuration go to the settings page where you'll find the local and remote configurations. When opening the settings page the first time the SSID is set to the SSID you're connected to at that moment. You can change that later. When you remove the SSID it will be set to the current SSID when you reopen the settings menu.

Update: I've received some crash reports and messages on the Domoticz forum that Dromotica keeps crashing. After some initial investigation it seems that it crashes when it cannot connect to Domoticz. I will analyse this and fix it in the coming days. When the configuration is entered correctly for both local and remote and Domoticz is available the app does not crash.