Dromotica passed the 200 installations mark

06 January 2014

The current downloads mark for Dromotica passed the 200 downloads today. It currently sits at 213 current installations. The total installations are 236. That means only 23 people who installed the app removed it from their devices. I'm really pleased with these numbers.

Current installations over time for Dromotica

There are still some nasty bugs in the app that keep crashing it although it has been getting more stable. I'll keep working on elimating the bugs and in the mean time add new features to it. The most recent update brought support for temperature and humidity sensors and more stability in the app overall.

Daily active users has increased over the last three days to 108 yesterday from 50 users on average on the weeks before. Between 15 to 20 users start using Dromotica on a daily basis.

If you don't have Dromotica installed on your Android device yet and do have Domoticz running give it a try. Domoticz is also easy to setup when you have some knowledge about computers and networking. It's a really good system for Domotica and in my opinion can compete with the commercially available products when you don't mind setting up your own server.

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