What I've been up to lately

26 March 2014

Lately I've been busy getting a new company up and running and now is the time to announce it to the world. I've started a webshop in urban farming supplies. Urban Farming is growing food where it is consumed, right in urban areas. So no long distance travel to transport food across the country or halfway around the world to get it from the place where it is produced to where it is consumed. On a small scale everyone can grown their own food (or part of it) in their own garden, patio, veranda or roof. With Urban Farm I want to service mainly private persons who are already growing their own food or are just starting out.

When I started growing my own food myself I had a hard time finding all the pots, bags etc. I needed to get started. I don't have a big garden so I needed the space saving solutions. I found a lot of information about square foot gardening online and in books however the handy growing bags I needed I couldn't find easily. Most gardeners seem to have ample space and the shops where catering to this crowd. There where products available as I found a couple manufacturers of them. That brought me to the idea of starting my own webshop.

With Urban Farm I not only want to offer a big assortment but also want to get the orders out fast (some competitors take 5 weeks or longer to ship your order) while charging a reasonable fee for shipping and offer several the payment methods so you can pay the way you want to. I believe I achieved that with Urban Farm. Orders that are in stock go out mostly the same day and certainly the next shipping is between €1,99 and €4,99 for The Netherlands and payment can be done with iDeal, Paypal, Credit Card, Klarna Invoice and bank transfer. Qshops approved the shop to show that Urban Farm complies with all the regulations and goes beyond that and is a save place to shop.

This project received most of the free time I had left after working hours and during the weekends. The development of Divehub and the Domoticz app has halted because of this. Now that the shop is online I get a bit more time to work on these projects again altough Urban Farm will still need much of my attention.

The site is still rough around the edges and stock is slowly dripping in. However the first customers have received their orders so it seems there is a market in which I can claim a spot and I'm very excited on the achievements so far. Coming time I'll be adding more items to the shop, building up inventory and putting the finishing touches on the website. So when you live in Belgium or The Netherlands and you need something for your own urban garden have a look at what Urban Farm has to offer.

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