Brewing my first batch of beer

03 February 2015

Today I brewed my first batch of beer. As I like to make stuff myself and I enjoy a good beer I thought it would be fun to brew my own beer. I started easy with extract brewing instead of brewing from scratch with malt. It's easier brewing and it requires less of an investment. After a few batches of extract brewing I can always move up to malt brewing.

As I wans't planning on repurposing a fridge for fermenting on lower temperatures I needed a beer that can ferment at room temperature. There are still plenty of beers that ferment at room temperatures. While browsing the available extracts my eye fell on the Bavarian Wheat Brewery Pouch from Mangrove Jack's. I like the German Weizen beers and this package is good for about 20 liters of beer. Brewferm also has a Weizen extract pack but from what I read on the internet most people aren't very enthousiastic about it.

I've ordered all the equipment needed together with the extract at Brouwmarkt. A Dutch supplier of home brewing supplies. Two days later two big packages arrived. Time for brewing.

The stuf you need...

After a thorough cleaning off the equipment needed it was time to start brewing. The extract comes in a bag and also includes the yeast needed for fermentation and a one page instruction manual in English. I kept the extract in the fridge and took it out just minutes before I needed it. Next time I'll take it out a couple of hours before. The extract is very thick when cold and hard to get out of the pouch.


The instructions are really easy. Boil 3 liters of water. Pour that water in the fermentation bucket together with extract and give it a good stir dissolving the extract. I added some hot water to the pouch to get all the extract out. Then add the glucose / dextrose and add 20 liters of cold water and then add the yeast. Give it a good stir and you're done. I closed the lid and added the air lock. Then place the bucket somewhere dark and warm, between 20°C and 25°C. Then the hardes part, waiting. In about a week the beer should be ready for bottling.

The start OG isn't very high, just 1040. I'll have to find out if this wasn't too low but as the end OG should be only 1010 it might still be good. I'll have to wait and see.

A nice bucket full of beer to be.

The next morning the beer was fermenting nicely.

Next week it's time for bottling.

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