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Divehub aims at making travel planning for scuba divers easier. A worldwide database of dive sites and dive centers helps scuba divers to find the best destination for their next diving trip, either long or short. When found divers can easily book their stay and travel arrangements trough the Divehub website.

After diving scuba divers log their dives in their logbooks. Divehub offers an online logbook. No more need for paper logbooks that always seem to run out of papers and get damaged by the water. As Divehub stores all dives online and works just as good on smartphones as on desktop computers divers always have their logbook with them. More...


Dromotica is an Android app for Domoticz. Domoticz is an open source Domotica system that is available for free and can run on a Raspberry Pi or regular computer. It allows you to control and monitor a large range of switches and sensors. With it you can automate your house to make things easier and keep an eye on your home when you're away.

Domoticz works with an easy to use web interface that also works on tablets and smartphones. However I found the web interface to be to slow on my Android smartphone to be convenient so I started to develop a native Android app that works much faster. The app is available for free and you can download it form this site. More...

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Urban Farm sells everything you need to get your own urban farm up and running with ease. Even when you have very little outdoor space it is possible to grow your own food. We sell everything you need like seeds, propagators, square foot garden frames, accessoires and organic plant protection. We ship the items we have in stock within 48 hours to The Netherlands and Belgium. Visit us at: