Divehub is a travel site for scuba divers worldwide. It's goal is to make planning of a scuba diving holiday or short trip easy. Divers can search for dive sites to dive that fit their needs and can find a dive center that services these dive sites to dive with. When the destination for the holiday is determined Divehub will offer a wide range in accommodations to stay in and in the future will also offer transport like plane tickets and hotel transfers.

I started Divehub to solve a need I personally felt as an avid scuba diver. It's easy to find a hotel and some means of transport to get to your destination. The difficult part was to decide on where to go. There are countless dive sites to dive at but there isn't much information on what those sites offer, when to dive there and with which dive center dives at that specific spot and all that information isn't easy to find. With Divehub I'm trying to solve that and make it easier for divers to find the best spot to dive at and then make it easy for them to make reservations.

Divehub also offers a free online logbook to keep track of all the dives you've made. No more lost or drown papers to use for logging dives. The Divehub website is made in a responsive design. It will work just as good on smartphones and tablets as it does on a laptop or desktop computer. Wherever you have a internet connection you'll be able to use Divehub for logging dives and finding new sites to dive at or a center to fill your tank.

You can find Divehub at www.divehub.co. Divehub is also present on Facebook and Twitter and more details about the logbook can be found here. When you own or operate a dive center you might be interested in reading this.